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Friday, 21 November 2014

Shoot Reflections - Wednesday 12th November

For this shoot we had planned to shoot our unfinished balloon shots and to take photos for our publicity photographs and album cover.

Kayvon setting up the lights
Alice on set

For the first part of the shoot we focused on the balloon shots as we needed to get them done because the balloons would deflate in the next few days. We managed to get them all done and then moved on to publicity shots. Below is a short video of some of our footage.

I  thought it would be a good idea if we got our friend Alex Reid to help us take the publicity shots as she is has a great photographic eye. She came during her free periods and at lunch, both Alex and I took the photos and directed the band. We decided to have two costumes for the publicity shots to provide variety.

One of our publicity shots
Alex taking photos of the band
Alex taking photos of the band

Overall I think the shoot went really well we got everything we needed to. However, I would have liked to taken a few more publicity shots so we had more options.

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