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My name is Mahalia John (0345) and welcome to my A2 media blog.

I am part of Group 1 along with Alice Cahill (0130), Kayvon Nabijou (0610) and Gavin Fraser (0245).

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

First Cut of the Video

Having finished shooting we were able to produce a first cut of our video. There a obviously a lot of things we want to change as it is only our first draft we will make this changes as we continue editing. Putting a first draft together enabled us to see if our concept worked and that the video flowed, seeing this we feel that it does. Below is our first cut.

When editing we used our animatic as a guide; for some parts we didn't use it as a guide because we felt that the decisions we made in the animatic weren't right. For example, we used wide shots of the band instead of MSs of Gavin and Alice because we felt that it didn't connote Kayvon as the lead enough. Below is a video comparing the animatic to our first cut.

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