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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Our video is mostly prop based so we thought a lot about the props that we wanted and needed. Because the themes of the song are nostalgia, youth and coming-of-age we wanted our props to relate to that to add depth to our video.

Firstly, in our production meeting we brainstormed a list of props and made a note of our ideas on Gavin's iPhone. We continued this on our Facebook group and came up with an initial props list which we sorted into props that we had access to and props that we would need to buy. To stick with the nostalgic theme we came up with props that related to our childhoods in the 90s and the 00s.

A monopoly game from the 80s
Our notes on Gavin's iPhone

Our initial props list on the Facebook group

In our next production meeting we came up with a final shot list and sorted them in terms of scale. We did this because it would help us with our structure.

Our final props list

As the song progresses the scale of the props will get bigger so we split the song into four sections for: small, medium and large props and confetti and balloons. This will give us a guideline when creating our animatic.

Our song split up in terms of structure
Our next step was to source the props that we didn't have ourselves. The easiest way was to buy these online so we set about finding the props we wanted using websites such as amazon and ebay. Once we had found an item that we were happy with we copied the link into a word document and made a note of the price.

Our props notes
Once we had our final props word document we ordered them through the school so that they would arrive on time for the shoot.

Our final props word document

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